May 12th, 2017

Bring Your Review & Approval Workflow Into JIRA® Software

We're on a mission to bring online proofing and approval workflows into the tools creative and marketing teams love and use and are excited to announce our latest integration with JIRA®Software.

JIRA® Software has been widely adopted by creative and marketing teams to manage tasks and activities. Review & approval of assets, however, typically happens outside of JIRA® Software - in email chains or face-face meetings. These inefficient external feedback processes create significant delays in marketing campaign execution.

The ConceptShare add-on allows creative and marketing teams to execute their review and approval workflows from within JIRA® Software, so they can deliver content for marketing campaigns faster.

Feedback and  approval requests can be created, tracked, and managed in JIRA® Software, while project managers and external stakeholders can provide feedback on content using ConceptShare. ConceptShare’s powerful online proofing tools bring context to feedback and make change requests clear and actionable. 

As our CEO puts it: “Creative Operations teams need job specific tools that are integrated so their work can be organized, tracked and sped up across the entire creative production process. The ConceptShare integration for JIRA gives marketing and creative teams the opportunity to close a gap and recapture wasted time, budget, and capacity. Other integrations will be announced in the coming months as we continue our rollout of add-ons for popular tools.”

The add-on is now available on the Atlassian® Marketplace and is free to use for JIRA® Software & ConceptShare customers.


March 23rd, 2017

Now Agency Creative Teams Can Deliver More Assets Faster With NetSuite SRP

Planning campaigns, scheduling and budgeting suffer from poor input and stale data. Seeing that projects are stuck or delayed doesn't help get them moving again. 

We are pleased to announce a new integration that helps creative, content and agency teams streamline their creative production supply chain. ConceptShare is now integrated with NetSuite SRP.


Linking ConceptShare's automated review and approval capabilities to NetSuite gives real, current information on resources, delays and time spent in the approval cycle.

This tight integration includes these capabilities:

  • Manage reviews at a job or project level
  • New Reviews tab identifies outstanding reviews
  • Automatically add tasks for reviewers in schedules
  • Reviewers launch reviews from task or schedule
  • Tasks are automatically closed when reviews are completed


March 15th, 2017

Introducing External Reviewers in ConceptShare

With the new External Reviewers feature, you can now invite external users to provide feedback on assets without requiring them to create a ConceptShare account. 

This high in-demand feature lets you invite external stakeholders into a Review, where they can provide their markups and feedback without granting full access to your ConceptShare account. 

This is helpful in situations such as: 

  • An executive needs to approve assets for an upcoming release
  • A client wants to give feedback on materials for a scheduled campaign
  • An external "content expert" is invited to give specialized feedback


Inviting External Reviewers is easy: 

To invite an external reviewer to provide their feedback simply create a review as you normally would, and enter their email address to invite them to that particular review. This will only give external reviewers access to that particular review & associated assets, without giving them access to any other areas of ConceptShare. 





External Reviewers will receive an email invitation with a link to the review where they can access the Proofing Workspace and provide their feedback: 

January 4th, 2017

Get work done faster with our improved interface

 We're always striving to make ConceptShare as easy to use as possible. This release includes many changes to the general interface for all of the different "dashboards" you use within ConceptShare including Projects, Work, Assets, Reviews, and more. Instead of having an "Actions" button with selections in a drop down, we've moved all of the things you need to do front and center with dedicated icons. Take a tour around your new Projects view, and hover over any icon to see what action it completes. Fewer clicks to get what you need saves time, and means work gets done faster. 

Our new interface let's you take the next steps quickly and easily. 


Get the information you need at a glance with more detailed thumbnails:

You can now see more details on the Assets dashboard with our updated thumbnails: 

  • An icon representing the type of file is in the top left corner.  
  • If a status has been set for the asset the corresponding colour bar will appear under the thumbnail and the card will be shaded with that colour.
  • Underneath the thumbnail, the name of the asset is listed, followed by the name of the person who uploaded it.  
  • The number of versions is displayed in the lower left.
  • Select the assets by clicking on the frame around the thumbnail including using shift+ or ctrl+ to multi-select


Maintain focus on what's important to you with smarter Filters: 

Filters now have "short term memory"! Whatever filter preferences you set will be remembered until you log out, or close ConceptShare. This applies to anywhere you can filter a view. For example, if you've filtered your Projects view to only show Projects that are "Not Started", you can go on about your work elsewhere in ConceptShare, and when you return to your Projects view - you will still see your filtered view of only In Progress Projects. 

When the Filter icon is blue, it means the view is currently filtered: 


Find things faster with improved speed & design on searches: 

Previously, the ability to find anything in ConceptShare by using Advanced Search didn't work as quickly as we'd like it to. As part of our mandate to help our customers work as quickly and efficiently as possible, we've completely revamped how Advanced Search works.  Instead of recalculating as someone types, you trigger the search button once you've set your parameters ensuring we target our searches to return fast results.

With these improvements, you can find exactly what you're looking for across your entire account. Go ahead, give it a try - you can find Advanced Search in the left side panel when you log in. 


But wait ... there's more!

In addition to the above changes, we've made additional improvements throughout ConceptShare to help you and your teams work more efficiently. You can see all of the latest update, in detail here.

November 24th, 2016

Email Notification for Deleted Reviews

In the hustle and bustle of our workday we don't need confusion around the items that need to get done.  ConceptShare now sends an email when a review that you were part of is deleted so that you aren't left with that nagging feeling that there was something else you were asked to do.

Operational Updates

We are always looking to improve the way we work so that we can share those wins with our partners and customers.  Operational updates have been made to help us improve database queries and to better track volumes running through the system. 

In case you aren't aware, you can see our performance on our status page.  Subscribe if you'd like an email for planned maintenance, or reported incidents.  Please visit

July 11th, 2016

Simplified, Faster Feedback Management: 

We have consolidated the Add Feedback and Feedback areas in the Proofing Workspace into one central place to add, review, and respond to feedback. This means fewer clicks, and a much faster experience when using the Proofing Workspace!

  • To add feedback to an asset, simply click on the small plus sign icon in the right side toolbar to expose the Add Feedback panel.
  • You can then use the markup tools to add your markup and feedback. 
  • To view all feedback, simply click on the chevron icon to collapse the Add Feedback panel and expose All Feedback.

Remembering the Way You Like to Work: 

  • When you select a particular viewing mode while reviewing Documents in the Proofing Workspace your preferences will be remembered and carried over to all documents you view moving forward (of course, until you change your preference!). This creates a much smoother and faster experience when reviewing multiple documents.
  • When you first open a document in the Proofing Workspace, select your preferred view mode from the options menu in the top right of the Proofing Workspace
  • This view mode will be remembered and become the default view mode for all other documents you open in the Proofing Workspace until you change your preferred view mode or unless a view mode is unsupported due to document limitations. For example: 
    • If Two Page view mode is selected as preference, and you open a document with only one page - the view mode will default to Single Page view. 

Scrolling for Multi-Page Documents: 

We have updated the Proofing Workspace so that when you are zooming in on multi-page documents you will see vertical and horizontal scrollbars appear - this means you can use mouse wheel controls to scroll through different parts of the document so you can review everything you need faster, and with fewer clicks.

  • Open a document in the Proofing Workspace and zoom in. You will then see scroll bars appear on the right side and bottom of the document
  • The mouse wheel no longer does zooming as the default action, and instead handles scrolling of a document if needed in both horizontal and vertical directions
  • Additional shortcuts, mouse wheel + key selections will also control both horizontal and vertical scrolling of documents (see our knowledge base for more details)
  • This applies to documents only - for images and video the mouse wheel will still be used for zooming

Continuous Feedback for Multi-Page Documents: 

With this new update you will always see the page thumbnails in the left sidebar while adding feedback. This means reviewers only need to click "Add Feedback" once, then add all of their feedback throughout the entire document without clicking back and forth between viewing modes - making document reviews happen even faster.

  • Open a multi-page document in the Proofing Workspace, and click the plus icon to open the Add Feedback panel. 
  • Page thumbnails will remain in the left side panel, and you can click to any page to continuously add feedback 
  • You can use the small arrow on the left side panel to close page previews if needed

Web Font Support for HTML5 Files:

We now support Web Fonts in the Proofing Workspace for HTML5 files. This means when HTML5 files using Web Fonts are uploaded into ConceptShare, they will be rendered with the proper font when opened and viewed in the Proofing Workspace.

See it all in action here: 

May 30th, 2016
Asset Rotation in Proofing Workspace

Last month we released the latest version of ConceptShare with improvements and new features to our Proofing Workspace. These included a cleaner, re-organized sidebar menu, extending our comment pin feature to work with more types of assets, and most notably - adding the ability to rotate assets within the Proofing Workspace to meet the needs of enterprises that work with assets that have different orientations like packaging designs. 

These types of assets are unique because they include a lot of images and copy that appear in different orientations which can make reviewing these assets in a static view or single orientation incredibly frustrating. 

Adding asset rotation capabilities to our Proofing Workspace allows creatives and reviewers to see each part of an asset, add markup to it, and provide clear and actionable feedback more quickly and easily by: 

  • Enabling an asset to be rotated in 90 degree increments for a 360 degree view
  • Allowing reviewers to zoom in and out on an asset while rotated to see everything with ease
  • Displaying markup and feedback in the orientation and size it was in when reviewed

March 21, 2016
A Brand New, Rebuilt Proofing Workspace

For the last few months, we focused on building a faster, more efficient, creative review process - a process that results in faster project approvals to meet deadlines and increase productivity. We’re proud to unveil our new Proofing Workspace that is cleaner, simpler and more modern - built to streamline the Reviewer’s experience, enhance ease-of-use and provide faster access to relevant content.

Reviewers will be pleased with how quickly assets load (three times faster) as they move through a review. Proofing Workspace elements now expand and collapse providing more viewing real estate. ‘Compare Mode’ and ‘Split Screen’ can be set as vertical or horizontal views to accommodate files of any shape. Wider Comment boxes accommodate lengthier messages and expand or collapse in place, making it easier to navigate through long lists of feedback. We’ve added keyboard, mouse wheel and trackpad shortcut commands and consolidated the markup tools and their properties into the sidebar.

Improving the Reviewer’s experience and shortening the review cycle doesn’t stop here. We’ll be releasing more improvements over the next months. Our development roadmap is packed with lots of new features.

Click to enlarge.

January 18, 2016
Responsive UI for Mobile Devices

You can't always be at your desk to provide timely feedback on files, so we developed a responsive UI for tablets
and smartphones that will allow creative production teams remain awesome while away from their desktops.

Follow activity on numerous projects chronologically, scroll through to find something specific or add comments to
maintain real-time discussions with colleagues or clients with the Activity Feed.


Playback files in the Proofing Workspace or:

•  Read other’s comments.
•  View annotations made.
•  Reply to comments or add a new comment.


Access your reviews or quickly decipher their
status with My Reviews: 

•  Red is Over Due
•  Yellow is In Progress
•  Green is Complete

Advance quickly through reviews, providing feedback on files with an Approval or Rejection using your laptop, tablet or smartphone - at your desk or away from the office.

Watch how quickly a user provides feedback within a review using a smartphone in this short video - or share it with your team.




November 30th, 2015
Drag and Drop Files (Desktop)

We now have drag and drop capabilities for our desktop users - providing faster access to relevant content
and streamlining user experience. Drag and drop files from your desktop directly to ConceptShare. Select
multiple files or just one - the Add Files box highlights as an active area as you hover files over it.

Add Files (Tablet)

We’ve enhanced efficiencies for our customers who work remotely on tablets. Reach ConceptShare through
a web browser and upload any number of files from your Photo Libraries or iCloud Drive. Review files on your
own or collaborate with creative team members as you commute.

Watch the 60 sec video on these new features.

November 05, 2015
HTML5 Support Is Now Here.

ConceptShare has added HTML5 animation files to our list of supported file formats. Our users can now review and approve this type of animation file the same way they do on video files. 

Upload your HTML5 project ZIP file and click in the "Process as HTML5 asset and convert to video" checkbox. This will expose duration, width and height processing fields for input. These define the viewport and the length of the resulting video. Manually input your values or allow ConceptShare to auto-detect them for you.

Users can always download the original ZIP file from the Asset context menu. For best results, the ZIP file should contain only one index. HTML file within the published animation folder. Versioning a ZIP file works the same as existing versioning steps.

Watch our 60 sec step-by-step demo on how to upload an HTML5 project ZIP file to ConceptShare.