Markup and Annotate Any Online Content. 

Marketing and creative teams are tasked with producing not only more content, but a wider variety of content - much of it web-based. Reviewing web-based content over email is inefficient and creates delays and frustration for both reviewers and content producers. 

Introducing Online Proofing for Live or Staged Web Content

ConceptShare's Online Proofing for web-based and interactive content lets reviewers add markup and feedback directly onto any web content, documenting every click along the way. Feedback is in context, centralized, and easy to understand.

Take a Sneak Peek:

  • Markup and comment on landing pages, micro-sites, website pages, and more
  • Review any web-based content - whether it is already live or on a staging server
  • Eliminate confusion of deciphering feedback scattered in email
  • Speed up the review cycle of web-based content and go live up to 81% faster