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*No credit card required

*No credit card required‍‍‍

‍‍‍Five Favorite Features Chosen by Customers

Markup, comment, and rapidly review all of your content

From websites to digital to print and email, ConceptShare makes it easy to get clear and actionable fee‍‍‍dback on all your content. One tool, one process, for all of your projects.

Quickly and easily get feedback from clients and internal teams

Eliminate email chains with large attachments and invite clients t‍‍‍o review content - no login required. Reviewers can add markups and feedback, and be notified of new versions.

Side-by-side comparisons simplify change management

Visually compare two versions to identify and verify changes - down to a pixel.

Automatically generate audit trails of all reviews

Keep content compliant with internal & regulatory processes and policies. Speed through c‍‍‍ompliance reviews with proof of approvals.

‍‍‍Easy to Use - No Matter Your Role

Looking for something specific?

Check out our full list of features‍‍‍

Simplify & streamline creative production

When people, processes, and tools work together, work gets done faster. Standard and customized integrations keep you working in your favorite tools.

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