MRM Integration Reduces Approval Times and
Improves Accuracy


Planning Campaigns, Scheduling and Budgeting suffer from poor input and stale data. And seeing projects stuck or delayed doesn't help get them moving again.

Linking ConceptShare's automated review and approval capabilities to enterprise project management and MRM systems gives real, current information on resources, delays and time spent in the approval cycle. See how we integrate with Jira Software.

Shine a light into the black hole of Work-in-Progress by integrating ConceptShare with your MRM system.

A global apparel company producing over 25,000 videos, web pages and digital assets reduced approval times by 27%.


Key Features

  • Synchronize asset status, due dates.
  • Push updates from ConceptShare to project management
    for real-time status.
  • Automate workflows for predictable outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined, Single Sign-On experience.
  • Fit Review and Approval into overall campaign planning
    and scheduling.
  • Track current status of reviews, approvals and due dates. Identify bottlenecks, risks and delays.
  • Generate Measurements and Data:
         - Accurate data on time spent in reviews, delays
         - Performance data for agencies, team, etc.
  • Drive costing and budgets based on accurate data.