R3volution Integration Reduces Approval Times and Improves Asset Capture

Properly integrating ConceptShare with MediaBeacon® R3volution makes both systems better. 

All DAMS can suffer from GIGO syndrome - Garbage In, Garbage Out. 
ConceptShare ensures that only approved assets are captured in MediaBeacon R3volution - and that all approved assets are captured.

Reduce your review cycle by 60-80%. Improve your content capture to 100%. Ensure proper reuse of assets.


Feature Highlights

  • Automatically upload final, approved assets into MediaBeacon R3volution.
  • Launch a ConceptShare Review directly from R3volution for instant review and approval.
  • Drive annual asset reviews from within R3volution.
  • Automate the collection of metadata during the review and approval process.
  • All relevant metadata is attached to approved assets in R3volution.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined, Single Sign-On experience.
  • Eliminate the error-prone manual upload of assets an
    ensure 100 % asset capture.
  • View Work-in-Progress comments and markup inside
    your R3volution.
  • Automate manual, labour intensive processes for routing assets for approval.
  • Eliminate the need to manually attach metadata to
    approved assets.
  • Automatically create an audit trail of all feedback for
    approved assets.

How it works

                                     Step 2 - Create a review from your basket.

                                     Step 2 - Create a review from your basket.


Step 1: Add Assets to your MediaBeacon Basket


Step 2: Create a ConceptShare Review from your Basket. Name the Review, designate Reviewers, and add a Due Date for automated reminders.

                                              Step 3 - Active Reviews menu

                                              Step 3 - Active Reviews menu


Step 3: Reviewers can access your ConceptShare Review from the Active Reviews menu.

                                           Step 4 - ConceptShare Proofing Workspace

                                           Step 4 - ConceptShare Proofing Workspace

Step 4: Reviewers can provide their feedback and Approve
or Reject the asset(s) within the ConceptShare Proofing Workspace, then exit directly back into MediaBeacon R3volution.


Step 5: Track the status of all Reviews from within your MediaBeacon system.


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