Online Proofing & Approvals
for Jira Software‍‍‍


Bring Your Review & Approval Workflows into Jira

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Bring your review & approval workflow into Jira Software

Request feedback on marketing content & assets directly from Jira. Set due dates, and include proj‍‍‍ect members and external stakeholders.

Clear & actionable feedback
directly on the proof

User interface designed for non-creatives to quickly and easily provide clear & actionabl‍‍‍e feedback on work in progress marketing assets.

Real time status updates of
assets & approvals

Get automated status updates of who has and hasn't provided feedback. Know at a glance which m‍‍‍arketing assets are at risk because of delays in gathering approvals.

See it in Ac‍‍‍tion!

‍‍‍Please note that ConceptSha‍‍‍re's Proofing & Approvals
for Jira works with Jira Cloud Software only.

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  • ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Ability to markup directly on marketing assets so feedback is in context with real-time and centralized visibility of required changes and approvals right in‍‍‍ Jira.
  • User interface designed for non-creatives to quickly and easily provide clear & actionable feedback on work in progress marketing assets and content.
  • Support for the 60+ most commonly produced formats that marketing needs to support their campaigns, including HTML5‍‍‍

Inefficient e‍‍‍xternal feedback processes like using email and sticky notes create significant delays in marketing campaign execution.

Online proofing & approvals for Jira enables marketing and creative teams to review & approve marketing assets directly from within their projects, and deliver on campaigns up to 82% faster with: ‍‍‍