DAM Integration Reduces Approval Times
and Improves Asset Capture






A large-scale medical manufacturer producing over 75,000 videos, documents and digital assets reduced approval times by 23% and improved capture of approved assets to 100% (from 62%) while
improving reuse by 25%.

A media and entertainment company producing 18,000 videos per year reduced the error rates to less than 1% and reduced the approval cycle
by 60% (under 4 hours).


Key Features

  • Automatically upload final, approved assets into your DAM.
  • Launch a ConceptShare Review directly from your DAM for instant review and approval. Drive annual asset reviews.
  • Automate the collection of metadata during the review and approval process. All relevant metadata is attached to approved assets in your DAM.
  • Initiate a ConceptShare workflow directly from your DAM to automate routing for approval.

Ensure 100% Asset Capture

  • Streamlined, Single Sign-On experience.
  • Eliminate the error-prone manual upload of assets.
  • View Work-in-Progress comments and markup inside
    your DAM.
  • Automate manual, labour intensive processes for routing assets for approval.
  • Eliminate the need to manually attach metadata to
    approved assets.
  • Automatically create an audit trail of all feedback for
    approved assets.