ADAM Software™ integrates ConceptShare OEM to create ADAM Collaboration, an extensive yet easy-to-use cross-media annotation, proofing and approval studio tool for use with all rich-media file types.


ADAM Collaboration meets industry demands for cross-media campaigns by allowing multiple stakeholders to proof, correct and sign off on work in a wide variety of different formats.

Collaboration includes ADAM’s robust security and full integration with other ADAM marketing solutions such as ADAM Workflow Studio and DocMaker.


Feature Highlights

  • Mobile UI to approve/reject projects on any smartphone.
  • Easy-to-use interface requires no additional training.
  • Asset-oriented review cycles.
  • Easy set up of individuals, groups and guests in workflows.
  • All processes can fully integrate with ADAM Workflow and other collaboration tools.
  • Easy to compare edited files with their originals.
  • Full reviews of current and archived projects.
  • Stakeholders can collaborate in parallel or in sequence.
  • API allows ADAM Partners/customers to extend Teamwork.


Key Benefits

  • Centralizes control of all processes during campaign approvals.
  • Simplifies approvals for fewer errors, faster turnarounds, and less stakeholder frustration.
  • Entire collaboration, annotation and approval cycle can be embedded within other business processes.
  • Provides quick ad hoc approval cycles with the flexibility to obtain opinions as well as approvals.
  • Easy-to-use yet powerful annotation/proofing tool encourages stakeholder involvement in approval cycles.
  • Increases marketing communication efficiency, agility and security, leading to fewer delays and greater accuracy.
  • Helps meet deadlines with fast sign off for different elements.

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