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ConceptShare’s Creative Operations Management (COM) solution was designed and optimized for enterprise marketing departments and agency account teams to route, review and approve their work in progress assets. Many customers deploy ConceptShare as a stand-alone solution. Some of our customers integrate ConceptShare with their Digital Asset Management (DAM), Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) and other systems that support their marketing, production, and asset management workflows.

ConceptShare partners with category leading systems integrators, technology resellers and ISVs. They leverage their domain expertise and their understanding of their customers’ business objectives to configure and deploy Creative Operations Management solutions. ConceptShare supports its integration partners and their customers’ requirements through a rich set of capabilities such as:

API: all application functionality (except for asset annotation) can be accessed through the API
Deployment: ConceptShare can be deployed either as a hosted service or on-premises
Configurable Functionality: application functionality can be toggled on/off entirely and/or suppressed through the UI

OEM Partners

ConceptShare’s OEM Edition includes core capabilities to view, play back, annotate, review and approve assets.

Integration Partners

ConceptShare’s Integration Partners can integrate with any of ConceptShare’s stand-alone Editions.

Systems Integrators

Some of the world’s leading systems integrators have developed expertise in ConceptShare’s COM platform and integration capabilities.


Reseller Partners have a deep, strategic relationship with enterprise marketing departments.

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